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Player Information

Name: Britt
Personal Journal: N/A
Age: 22
Contact Info: [plurk.com profile] sugarrushing
Other Characters Played: [OU] Anise Tatlin, [OU] Seychelles

Character Information

Character Name: Sheba
Character Series: Golden Sun
Character Age: 15
Character Gender: Female
Original Canon
Canon Point: Right after Felix casts the Mars Star and the Mars beacon has fired, restoring the full power of Alchemy to Weyard.
Background Link:
Summary of Golden Sun | Summary of Golden Sun: The Lost Age | Sheba's Background
Personality: It is said that the circumstances of childhood are the biggest influences on how we develop; if that's true, it certainly explains a lot about Sheba. Her story could have begun much differently, had it been anyone other than Faran who found her as a baby - however, he did find her, and he raised her with more than enough love and kindness to shape her into the young woman she's become today.

"I was separated from my parents so early in life... I've never known the comforts of a true home."
Sheba: "Faran has always been like a father to me... I must have been very lucky."

Thanks to Faran's influence, Sheba can easily be described as kindhearted and outgoing. She is used to being taken seriously - and thus, she's not afraid to voice her opinions when the time calls for it. She knows what a healthy relationship is and isn't, and doesn't keep quiet when she thinks there's a problem that needs to be fixed, especially if she can think of a way to help fix it. Having grown up in an environment where new ideas are valued and where she's been free to try new things, she enjoys getting to know new people and likes seeing what they have to offer her. Having grown up among people who were compassionate enough to take in a child they didn't even know and raise it as their own, she has taken it upon herself to try and "pay it forward" by doing as much good as she can in the world.

Faran and his family, however, were not the only influences on Sheba during her formative years. Because of the circumstances of her appearance in Weyard, the superhuman abilities granted to her as a Jupiter Adept, and the almost unnatural luck she possesses, the other Laliverans have almost always revered her as divine, calling her the "Child of the Gods." The Laliverans care deeply for her and her safety (which is the sole reason why kidnapping her was enough to allow Babi to build his Lighthouse, and to allow Saturos' group to pass through the village and gain access to Venus Lighthouse), and she, in return, cares deeply for her hometown. This loyalty to Lalivero runs deep enough that even the excitement of a big city like Tolbi wasn't enough to keep her happy - she longed to return there, until the time came when she was confronted with her destiny. In fact, only her desire to find out who she truly was and her sense of duty to lend her powers in saving the world was enough to keep her from returning to Lalivero as soon as she had her freedom.

Jenna: "But how can we trust you when we don't know why you're with us?"
"I'm sorry... But please, you have to take me! You must! You need me!"

When it comes to herself, Sheba doesn't quibble with the details. She tells other people as much as she thinks they need to know, when they need to know it - and not a moment sooner (unfortunately, she doesn't have as much patience for others - she demands information from the other members of Felix's party multiple times over the course of their journey, as she's not quite used to being told "no"). The prime example of this would be when she joined Felix's party after the events at Venus Lighthouse: She told her companions that it was her "destiny" to join their quest, but didn't tell them the exact reasons why. She knew that she could and would help them, but beyond that, they didn't need to know much else at that time. Like any young teenager, Sheba does sometimes prefer to keep things to herself, and it goes doubly so for things that are especially important to her.

Sheba: "I thought that if I went to Jupiter Lighthouse, I would learn who I was..."
"I remember the people of Lalivero talking about how Sheba fell from the sky..."
"All my life, I've been looking for the answer... Where was I born, and why was I abandoned?"
"You knew Felix was going to Jupiter Lighthouse eventually, and so you went along with him."
"But you didn't find any answers, did you, Sheba?"

One of the things that acts as her driving force, aside from her sense of responsibility for saving the world, is her longing to make sense of the mysteries of her past. In spite of the warmth she was received into Faran's family with, Sheba has always desired to find out who her real family is, where her real home is, and ultimately, who she really is. Though she joined Felix's quest in the hope of having her questions answered, she never did find out the things she wanted to know. She knows who she is - an Adept who helped restore Psynergy to the world - but she doesn't know who she is, and that still bothers her. The Adepts' journey may have been complete, but Sheba's own personal journey has yet to be finished.

Kraden: "The sea is vast... we can go wherever we please! So, let's explore a bit, Felix!"
"That's a great idea! We've already met werewolves and discovered new Psynergy. I'm sure there's even more out there waiting for us!"

That said, Sheba doesn't mind still having things to accomplish. If her journey with Felix has taught her anything, it's that there's a whole wide world out there just waiting to be discovered. Though the first years of her life were rather pampered - even as she was Babi's prisoner (excuse me, I mean guest) she was still treated well, though she wasn't allowed to walk freely - the girl has developed a desire to see the world and everything it has to offer. She gets excited at the thought of learning new things, meeting new people, and seeing new places, and she finds it especially enjoyable when she has friends at her side.

Having gone on such an important journey with them, it's not surprising that Sheba's friends are very important to her. Felix, who looked out for her while she was in Saturos' and Menardi's clutches, is someone she's admitted she "can't get mad at" - he did, after all, save her. She looks up to him for his strength and feels she owes him because he's done so much for her. She's close to Jenna, who shared her experiences as a captive and who became a trusted friend as they traveled together. She's also close to Piers and Kraden. But that's to be expected - those who go on adventures together, particularly dangerous adventures, generally can't go without forming some kind of a kinship, though admittedly she can sometimes be a little brutal when it comes to teasing Jenna about Isaac, and Piers and Kraden about their age. She's got an undeniable mischievous streak in her. Though she didn't spend as much time with them as she did with the others, Isaac and his group also became her companions after the events at Jupiter Lighthouse, and she can honestly say she would trust any of them with her life. Others, on the other hand, she would rather err on the side of caution when dealing with.

Alex: "I'm just... preoccupied."
"Self-absorbed is more like it!"

...which is to say, she simply won't let them get close. Sheba does have a bit of a temper on her, though it's nowhere near as explosive as, say, Jenna's. She doesn't hesitate to speak her mind, which can be both good and bad - she has, in the past, mouthed off to people who are significantly more powerful than her, and that's a trait that hasn't gone away as she's become a more powerful Adept. If anything, it has unfortunately happened more often. (Does "You're no god! You're no protector! You're evil!" ring a bell?) She has a hard time abiding by injustices - because she does, in fact, have a rather strong sense of justice. She's not content to just let someone get away with their misdeeds, even if she can empathize with their reasons for walking down a bad path.

She tends to be a little more biting and sarcastic than outright confrontational. She doesn't prefer fighting as a way of settling things, except for in extreme cases. However, when someone's gotten on her nerves, she doesn't hesitate to say so. Though she was raised well, and can sometimes even come off as a little too snobbishly upper-class, she does have her moments where she seems to be quite the opposite.

Sheba: "You won't see Menardi or Saturos again. Isaac killed them. They're probably at the bottom of the sea by now..."

In some cases, usually when she's dealing with someone she doesn't hold any particular fondness for, she can be downright blunt. She's generally pretty honest, and she doesn't dance around the subject when she sees no reason to hide something, so has a habit of getting straight to the point. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be a little jarring for the people she's talking to. This habit of hers has also sometimes landed herself - or others - in hot water, because, well, that's what happens when you don't always think before you speak.

Agatio: "If we had a Wind Adept like Sheba and the Elemental Stars, we wouldn't need you."
Sheba: "
Excuse me?"

Sheba's been kidnapped twice in her fifteen years - once by Babi, and once by Saturos and Menardi - so the idea of being used or brought along as someone's possession is a little offensive to her and is one of the easier ways to bring out her temper. She doesn't mind contributing her powers if she chooses to do it - it's having the choice taken away from her that irks her. During her journey she's found that freedom quite agrees with her, and even if it means camping out and fighting monsters, she'd take that over a warm, comfy room any day as long as it meant she always has the ability to choose her own path.

Wind, by its very nature, is a changeable and ultimately free element. Though it may not be as threatening as fire, as steady as earth, or as soothing as water, it is in its own way a force to be reckoned with, just as Sheba is. It would be folly to underestimate either of them.
Abilities: Sheba is a Level 50 Jupiter Adept of the Wind Seer class series. At the canon point from which she was pulled, she had 9 Jupiter Djinn within her; as such, her list of available Psynergy is as follows -
  • Mind Read - 1 PP. Most simply put, it allows her to read the minds of others (both humans and animals - though I'm unsure if it would work on the monsters within the Tower, as no attempts were made to read the minds of monsters in canon so I don't know if there's a precedent for it); additionally, if she clasps hands with another Adept, that other Adept is also privy to the thoughts she's reading. While Adepts are able to detect that their minds are being read, the average person is not. In this case, it's likely that any magic-user in the Tower would be able to detect that someone is reading their mind, though they may not necessarily know it's her doing it (unless, of course, their abilities allow for them to do so or she's the only one around, in which case it would be obvious). As seen with Ivan in the first Golden Sun game, she does need to be relatively close to someone to read their mind, and it works best the closer she is - however, she does seem to have a wider range than Ivan, as she's able to read the minds of Isaac's entire group from the opposite side of Venus Lighthouse Aerie, whereas Ivan had to work with Isaac and Garet to corner a pair of thieves to get him close enough to read their minds.
  • Reveal - 1 PP. This Psynergy allows Sheba to see things that are not visible to the naked eye - be they naturally or artificially invisible. In canon, it's mostly used to reveal hidden paths or treasures, though there were some instances where Reveal allowed one to see characters or monsters that were hiding themselves. It functions by projecting a circle around her in which she can see things that have been made invisible; the center point of the circle is where she was standing when she cast the spell. The circle doesn't move with her; if she steps outside of it, everything she could see by using the spell is rendered invisible and she must cast it again.
  • Sleep - 5 PP. This Psynergy allows Sheba to lull up to three people (or monsters) to sleep at once. It's pretty straightforward, but someone with a high amount of luck is usually left awake after she's cast it.
  • Bind - 4 PP. This Psynergy allows Sheba to seal one person's (or monster's) ability to use magical skills. In canon, it's used to seal the use of Psynergy, which is Weyard's equivalent of magic - theoretically, it could also be used to seal the magical skills of monsters or people within the Tower. As with Sleep, a lucky character or monster is usually left unaffected by it.
  • Whirlwind Series - This series of Psynergy consists of Whirlwind (5 PP, up to 3 targets at once), Tornado (14 PP, up to 5 targets at once), and Tempest (27 PP, up to 7 targets at once). The Psynergy allows Sheba to conjure up tornadoes with varying degrees of power. While journeying with Felix and the others, she often used Whirlwind to clear away vines or ivy, or to activate wind-based artifacts. While it would be possible for her to cast the spell to keep herself or others from falling (or to carry them up to a higher location), to do so would be to pose risk to their safety because the tornadoes in the more powerful versions, which would be most effective for those purposes, do contain minor electric charges.
  • Ray Series - This series of Psynergy consists of Ray (6 PP, up to 3 targets at once), Storm Ray (10 PP, up to 3 targets at once), and Destruct Ray (21 PP, up to 3 targets at once). The only difference between each level of this Psynergy series is the strength of the purple-colored lightning bolts that she calls down in a magnetic storm to smite her enemies.
  • Plasma Series - This series of Psynergy consists of Plasma (8 PP, up to 3 targets at once), Shine Plasma (18 PP, up to 5 targets at once), and Spark Plasma (37 PP, up to 7 targets at once). Its final form, Spark Plasma, is the most powerful spell in Sheba's arsenal and she's been known to rely on it heavily when facing especially strong foes. When casting these spells she calls on a barrage of purplish-white lightning bolts to strike her enemies, though they're in a more concentrated form than the Ray series of Psynergy.
The Impact and Ward Psynergies, and their improved versions, are not available to Sheba unless her class is upgraded to Magician (for Impact/Ward), Mage (for High Impact/Resist), or higher, which requires her to have at least two or four Jupiter Djinn set respectively. When she has enough Jupiter Djinn that are not on standby, she gains the power to use the following spells -
  • Impact Series - Impact (7 PP, 1 target) and High Impact (12 PP, targets all allies) allow Sheba to provide a boost in power/attack strength to her allies.
  • Ward Series - Ward (3 PP, 1 target) and Resist (5 PP, targets all allies) allow Sheba to provide a boost in the ability to resist elemental damage to her allies.
Additionally, it's possible for Adepts in Weyard to gain the power to use certain Psynergies if they equip certain items, usually small gems or stones. I plan to have two of these appear in Sheba's trunk because they bestow Wind-based powers to the bearer, and one of them is a relic from the ancient civilization of Anemos; it's implied but not outright stated in canon that Sheba comes from there, so considering that part of her reason for staying with Felix without the journey was to look into her past, I think it's plausible that she would have held onto it after all the Lighthouses were lit. Also she did sort of earn it, because without her powers the party never would have been able to take the challenge that allowed them to win it in the first place. That being said, once she pulls them out of her trunk she'll have the following two abilities at her disposal:
  • Cyclone - 2 PP. The ability to use this Psynergy is bestowed upon the user when they're in possession of the Cyclone Chip, a small, decorative, triangle-shaped purple stone. It's somewhat similar to Sheba's natural Whirlwind Psynergy, but it's usually used to clear away plants that have been firmly rooted into the ground, or in certain cases, used as a way to activate certain portals and transport the party from one area to another. The ground on which it can be used is specially marked, so it can't be used just anywhere.
  • Hover - 2 PP. The ability to use this Psynergy is bestowed upon the user when they're in possession of the Hover Jade, a small piece of jade that was said to have once belonged to Yegelos, the legendary hero of Anemos. This artifact is linked with the Anemos clan's legendary ability to fly. It allows the user to hover in the air and move about; additionally, it was also used to lift an entire ship and have it fly, so it can be assumed that the Psynergy is rather powerful. When used in short bursts, it only has a base cost of 2 Psynergy Points, but when used for an extended period of time, it drains at the user's energy (2 points to cast it plus 1 point for each comment Sheba uses it, unless a longer period of time passes in the comment - in which case she'll lose more points).
Sheba's power is not limitless; in canon, she must spend "Psynergy Points" to cast a spell. She is left exhausted if she spends all of her available points (somewhere around between 275 and 350 depending on how many Djinn she has set to her), and these points recharge on their own in two ways: She gains them all back if she sleeps uninterrupted for at least 6 hours, and she gains them back a little at a time (at a rate of about one point per every two or four minutes - every two comments for lengthier posts or every four for shorter, action-based posts) when she is either staying still or engaged in non-combat activities. Combat situations interrupt the regeneration process, even if she doesn't cast a spell or attack anything - my theory is that the adrenaline rush halts it. (So if you want to keep Sheba from recharging her magic, just brandish a weapon her way or something.) I'll be keeping a running update in comments on the amount of points she has to expend whenever the value increases or decreases so that I don't play her outside of her canonical abilities.

Her equipped weapon, the Lachesis' Rule, allows her to use the following ability -
  • Apocalypse - This ability is not able to be used at will. Rather, there's a 40% chance of it occurring automatically when she uses a normal physical attack. The staff charges her strike with Jupiter energy, and provides a boost in attack strength. Additionally, there's an extra 5% chance that the strike will leave the target afflicted by a Death Curse, which, if left unchecked, will kill them in a set amount of time (7 turns ingame).
She has the following Djinn within her, allowing her to perform the following "unleash" abilities -
  • Breath - Sheba focuses, and a shower of purplish sparkles surrounds her target to soothe their wounds and numb their pain.
  • Blitz - Sheba attacks, simultaneously calling down a lightning strike. If the target is unlucky, they might find themselves paralyzed - but not for as long as if she'd unleashed Squall.
  • Ether - Sheba focuses her willpower, and can hurry the Psynergy Point regeneration process for one target - herself or one of her allies. Whoever the target is will regain 30% of their maximum PP, allowing for the casting of more Psynergy.
  • Waft - Sheba holds out her hands and a column of purple energy surrounds her target, dealing a strong wind-based attack. The wind, however, is scented rather strangely... if the target is unlucky, they might just fall asleep.
  • Haze - Sheba is surrounded by a haze of vapors, but when they clear... she's nowhere to be seen! It appears as though she's vanished into thin air... This unleash can also be used to hide away one of her allies, if she so chooses.
  • Wheeze - Sheba leaps forward to strike her target, unleashing a cloud of purplish-white vapors that may, if the target is unlucky, infect it with a deadly poison.
  • Whorl - Sheba takes a deep breath and focuses, and a faint image of a Jupiter Djinni appears in midair to unleash an airstrike upon her target.
  • Smog - Sheba rushes at her target as she would for a normal attack, a cloud of blue vapor being unleashed on impact. If the target is unlucky, they might find themselves wrapped in delusion.
  • Squall - Sheba attacks her target, a burst of purple lightning striking just as she does. If the target is unlucky, they might find themselves paralyzed.
These Djinn (and the Summon Tablet which I also plan to have be in her trunk alongside the Cyclone Chip and the Hover Jade) allow her to perform the following summon attacks by channeling the dormant elemental energies from her Djinn after they've been unleashed in battle -
  • Jupiter - One Jupiter Djinni must be set to standby to use this attack. The dormant power of the Djinni takes on the form of "the elemental power of wind," and Sheba calls down a barrage of purple-colored orbs of energy to slam into her enemies.
  • Atalanta - Two Jupiter Djinn must be set to standby to use this attack. The dormant power of the Djinn takes on the form of "the heavenly huntress," and Sheba calls upon an array of arrows made from green energy, the faint image of a young woman in ancient Greek garb appearing to be the one holding the bow.
  • Procne - Three Jupiter Djinn must be set to standby to use this attack. The dormant power of the Djinn takes on the form of "a goddess in bird form," and Sheba calls upon a whirlwind to hurl her enemies into the sky, bursts of energy shocking them in time with the beating of the wings of the faint image of a gigantic bird.
  • Thor - Four Jupiter Djinn must be set to standby to use this attack. The dormant power of the Djinn takes on the form of "the mighty god of thunder," and Sheba calls upon a glowing rainbow rune and a thundercloud, from which the faint image of a burly man bearing the legendary hammer Mjollnir appears to blast lightning at her foes.
  • Flora - One Venus Djinni and two Jupiter Djinn must be set to standby to use this attack; she must work in tandem with Felix to perform the summon, following the instructions of the Summon Tablet from her trunk. The dormant power of the Djinn takes on the form of "the wind rider, goddess of flowers," and Sheba and Felix call down a storm of flower petals that seem to come from the faint image of a pink-clad goddess. When this summon is used, there is a chance that the enemies may be put to sleep - a higher chance than there would be if Sheba simply cast the Sleep Psynergy.
For more information on Djinn and summons in general, see this post, which contains a summary as well as links to the pertinent articles on the Golden Sun wiki. In the event that you don't want her to be able to perform summons, or you don't want her to be able to make use of the Djinn powers, I'm fully willing to play her without them (as it is still possible to use her as her base class of Wind Seer by setting all Djinn to standby and never summoning them, in the game).

I've placed Sheba at level 50 because that's the level she was when I finished the game she appeared in without any attempt to levelgrind; it's the level she reached when I just battled every monster that appeared in my path while I was completing the game's objectives. Since I've taken her at a canon point of just after the last boss battle of the game, I feel the abilities that come with that level are realistic given the things she and her team had to accomplish in canon, despite her age. If you feel I'm making her overpowered I will gladly take her down a notch (or two, or three - however many you need).

Sorry for the major tl;dr with this section, by the way! Golden Sun's an older game and I haven't seen nearly as many people RPing it so I wanted to make sure there was enough of an explanation here to allow anyone reading this to get a good idea of what's common for characters like Sheba to be able to do in canon, without having to go wiki-hunting for it. I probably could have just listed the names of the Psynergy she can use (or linked to the Wind Seer's class page on the Golden Sun wiki), but since they've got very specific effects that aren't easy to see without playing the game or checking out clips on Youtube, I didn't want anyone to have to look up extra stuff.
Trunk Contents: Sheba's trunk will contain the following items:
  • One [1] set of her usual traveling clothes.
  • One [1] Lachesis' Rule, a small staff retrieved from the Anemos Inner Sanctum near the end of their journey. It has a 40% chance of "unleashing" the special ability Apocalypse, which is described in the abilities section above. In addition to being a rather kickass weapon, it, like the Hover Jade, is an artifact of Anemos - so Sheba, being someone who it's implied that might be from Anemos, is rather attached to it. (I'm OK with her not using the Apocalypse ability and just keeping it as a generic staff if you'd prefer.)
  • One [1] Lucky Medal, a memento from Tolbi.
  • One [1] Cyclone Chip, a gem received from the Mayor of Madra after proving Piers' innocence. Equipping it allows Sheba to use the Cyclone Psynergy.
  • One [1] Hover Jade, a gem won from Trial Road in Shaman Village after Sheba demonstrated "the power of Anemos" and "proved" that she was a descendant of Yegelos, thereby making it okay to give it - an artifact of Anemos - to her group if they cleared the trials. Equipping it allows Sheba to use the Hover Psynergy.
  • One [1] Summon Tablet, retrieved from Air's Rock (where Sheba also gained the ability to use Reveal). This tablet allows Sheba to work with Felix (or another person with dormant Venus Djinn, which is unlikely) to perform the Flora summon sequence.
This is mostly for my own reference at this point, since her belongings can impact the abilities she can perform, and I need to have a clear idea of that while writing the ability section.
Sample Entry: Backstory RP with Felix!


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